Perth Glory

The Glory Years

Perth Gloryís involvement in the National Soccer League produced the greatest transformation to the local game since post-WWII - both from a player and spectator perspective. Prior to the Glory days, the only real avenue for first-class football was the senior State side, which had its first official game in 1902. The purple patch was during the 1960ís when the country saw many top-shelf names come to visit. When Glory became a success, it affected the pulling power of the State team, who saw a dramatic drop in the number of games. But it has not spelt doom and gloom for the team, because they have been able to have regular matches against the Glory. Perth Glory won two NSL championships in 2002/03 and 2003/04 before the national competition became the A-League from 2005/06. Glory's latest success is a championship grand final appearance in 2011/12.